Ultraviolet Disinfection Systems

UV technology is proven to control microbiological issues in water including E.coli, Cryptosporidium and Giardia Lamblia without the use of chemicals.

Aqua Flo Gen 4.jpg

Aquo Flo Gen Series UV Systems

A Security system for your water.

The Aqua Flo Gen Series Systems are our most advanced residential UV systems.  Sleek and stylish, the Gen Series systems are designed and manufactured to ASME pressure vessel standards, all Gen Series models feature high quality stainless steel reactors, long-lasting UV lamps, visual lamp failure indicators and constant current electronic controllers. 

Our Gen 4 and 5 models are also available as "whole home solutions" using our filter rack systems to combine UV disinfection with sediment and/or carbon pre-treatment filters.

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Combination UV Systems

Affordable, Versatile and Effective

Our combination UV systems are industry leaders in whole home water disinfection and make a perfect companion to water softeners, distillers, reverse osmosis and ozone systems. These systems are ideal for customers who want the safety of UV disinfection combined with additional filtration options all in one affordable solution.