Aqua Flo UV BigBoy UV Systems

Aqua Flo Products are lightweight, easy to use, simple to maintain and will provide you with clean, disinfected drinking water for years to come.

the world's most flexible & complete water disinfection system in its class.

The UV BigBoy is the most versatile commercial ultraviolet disinfection system on the market, producing water between 15 and 60 GPM.

One of the  most unique features of the BigBoy series is the convenient manifold mounting rack. The configuration allows owners to clean and do maintenance on individual chambers without the need to shut down the entire system. The rack can also hold up to four UV chambers in parallel or series, offering customers the ability to intensify their UV dosage or increase their flow rate up to 60 GPM.

Key Features

  • affordable

  • easy to use and maintain

  • simple installation

  • lightweight

  • suitable for whole house disinfection

  • electronic lamp indicator

  • option to add alarm and solenoid valve modules for added security


These systems are for the supplemental treatment of disinfected drinking water which has been treated or other drinking water which has been tested and deemed acceptable for human consumption by the state or local health agency having jurisdiction.


BigBoy Series Spec Sheet

BigBoy Series Spec Sheet

Warranty Information

Warranty Information

BigBoy Series Manual

BigBoy Series Manual