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Water Conditioning Webinar Training Series

A FREE webinar series to help you build your water conditioning business and improve your bottom line.

Your customers look to you for advice on ALL their plumbing problems. You’ve earned their confidence as a Trusted Adviser.

Water quality affects performance and longevity of pipes, plumbing fixtures, appliances and water heaters.

Offer your customers complete solutions by solving their water conditioning needs first.

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Please Note: every person participating must register on the Go To Training website with their own email address.  This is the only way to take the quizzes and qualify for a free water conditioning system.

10 Sessions:


1. The Importance of Water Treatment: water standards, water testing, the Safe Water Drinking Act, how to start with water treatment.

2. Water Testing: test kits, what to look for in water testing, testing for hardness and iron, how to take a water sample

3. Soft Water Equipment: problems caused by hard water, hardness values, how a softener works, softener sizing, high efficiency vs traditional softeners

4. Proper Installation Techniques: step-by-step instructions for installing point-of-entry equipment including softeners and filters

5. Carbon Filtration: filtering water with carbon, types of carbon, types of filter systems

6. Iron Filtration: types of Iron, problems caused by Iron, filtering out Iron, filter sizing, types of filtration systems

7. Removing Odors and Gases: Hydrogen Sulfide, sulfate reducing bacteria, solutions, chlorination systems, Methane and Radon gas, odors 

8. Reverse Osmosis Systems: how RO systems work, system sizing, membrane construction, basics of RO installation

9. UV systems: how UV works, UV pre-treatment, maintenance, flow rates, different UV systems

10. Presenting the Benefits of Water Treatment to Homeowners: better understand your customers and how to tailor your approach to talking with them about water conditioning

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Ask our experts your questions during each session!


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Learn the complete basics of water conditioning from Industry Experts

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David Scurlock

Director of Training and
Business Development

  • 10-year water industry veteran

  • Past WQA presenter

  • Delivers engaging and effective learning workshops

Mike Barone.png

Mike Barone

Technical Trainer

  • 35-year water industry veteran

  • Worked with some of the industry’s leading companies

  • Appearances in This Old House and Designing Spaces

*Water conditioning units up to 1 cubic foot. Upgrade to a dual tank system at an additional fee. Must be installed in attendees’ home; resale is prohibited. Plumber must sign and agree to all agreement terms in the Novo ProAdvantage Agreement before ordering the complimentary water conditioner. To view a copy of the agreement, please contact Jill Clark at

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